Psych 0-5

Another psychiatry experience today. This man hallucinates fisherman turning into giant frogs. He describes smells coming to attack him. He was jealous of his brother’s success so set fire to his mother’s house. He tells us all of this while smiling. He says that his sister, who died years ago from GI cancer, visits him in recurring dreams. She keeps trying to have sex with him, he says. He’s missing a leg. Really ‘missing’ it, as in, can’t remember where it went. His file says that after setting fire to his mother’s house, he attacked his guards in prison and they shot him in the knee. No heroic measures were taken to save the limb.

All of that sounds interesting except I can’t focus on any of it. There’s a patient in the courtyard outside the window whose been playing the guitar for the last two hours. He’s a very good player and singer. I wish I were outside and far away from this guy’s problems.

I told my roommates today that I was very close to ruling out psych altogether. They all laughed at that: “Like you could ever be a psychiatrist.” I’m not offended by this at all because it’s just so completely true.

2 Responses to Psych 0-5

  1. anna gregory says:

    I am really enjoying your blog.

    I remember when I visited my nana, who had a nervous breakdown and was admitted to the local mental hospital (In the good old days when these existed in the UK)

    She befriended this fellow patient who seemed OK until he started bringing her dead bird presents. She thought he was fine but then he decided he was a snail and would crawl around the floor naked at every opportunity. He later decided he was the pope and used to try (And succeed) to get everyone out of bed at night so he could hold confession. I was only young but knew i would never be able to work in this area. Good luck with it all – I start medicine in the UK next week.

  2. OK.NOWwhat says:

    Not psychiatry for you. Please. Run. Interesting as it all is, I’d hate to see your particular brain dashed against the rock hard futility of trying to treat the mentally ill under the current rules. Run.

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