Hello Again

I had promised to do this a little while ago.

Grenada is in my thoughts again. Since leaving it as a transfer to Drexel, I have had an amazing time as a 3rd and 4th year student, dabbled in the world of pick-up artists, applied for and failed to match into a Plastic Surgery residency, traveled to Ecuador for a month to learn Spanish, traveled to South Africa for shits and giggles, filed a patent on a medical device to help hospital workers wash their hands more often, worked on a few more books and projects with the folks over at First Aid, become a research physician at a prestigious institution, met my future wife, and I have manage to put a ring on her finger.

In April, I’m headed back to Grenada as a Visiting Professor of Anatomy and I am excited to see what they’ve done with the place.

In my absence, transferring and quitting have been the most popular topics on this blog. I am really happy that people have found a place to discuss both. I am disappointed in myself for not finishing the “transferring” section of this blog and giving it the attention that it deserves. At one time, I thought I might finally write a book about it. But for now, I am building a new site for that topic which will do the issue justice.

Still here.  Still thinking of things to write about.

Cheers, topher.


21 Responses to Hello Again

  1. Krizia says:

    Congratulations with everything!

  2. shara says:


    im an IMG and i work as an ER nurse here in US, your stories inspired me to achieve more and awaken the desire in me to pursue that dream. i know it’s not gonna be easy but i now have the courage to start it.

    p.s. i envy you because you’re such a good writer. takecare, godbless!

  3. Robert says:

    congratulations. I am a Canadian citizen attending medical school in Australia intending to return to Canada and the US to practice Emergency Medicine. It would be great if we could get in touch and maybe you could provide some pointers. Looked into transferring, not really an option. So the only option now is to study for the USMLEs and hope for the best. Take care.

  4. CP says:

    I am so happy for you! Perhaps not matching was a blessing in disguise. However, I hope you try again if you desire and never give up.

  5. tooley says:

    med school kids are amazing <3

  6. Brian B. says:

    I just found your blog. I really wish I had found it sooner. I feel it has plenty of information that will certainly help me in the future.

    I have just been accepted to the August 2010 class at SGU. I noticed that you will be a Visiting Professor of Anatomy? I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you. When will you be in Grenada?

  7. romell says:

    Hi Topher, I’m planning to take the step1 this year. I just arrive last december here in kentucky on a H4 visa. Could the books recommended on your blog still applicable this year? I only hav eone acquiantance who took the exam last year and she suggest Kaplan (8 bookset).. I’m still planning to go on with your 2007 book/reviewer suggestions..Kaplan sets are just too darn expensive for me.

  8. Sandra says:

    Hi there,
    I ‘stumbled’ upon your blog today. I’m a doctor, trained in the netherlands, not specialized yet, but spent 4+ years working in Sierra Leone, doing outpatient pediatrics there. Am now looking at what next…Long story, but two of the options are pediatric residency in USA- which means USMLEs (which I am dreading, especially being 7 years post med school) and another option is MPH focusing on maternal and child health- just not sure if i want to give up clinical medicine just yet. It’s really a toss up. I do want to stay involved in healthcare in the developing world.

    Anyway- just curious if you have any latest tips on USMLE. I’d probably take step 1 in early 2011.

    So, it looks like you are not practicing clinical medicine. Did you at all after med school? Do you think you will? You wrote about research- I thought of that too at one point. How is it for you to be a doctor, but not seeing patients?

    I appreciate your posts. I can imagine it is hard to keep writing when so many people come to your site for USMLE info.

    If you feel like it, you can email me at sandralako@hotmail.com It would be interesting to hear your story, in light of my thoughts about non-clinical medicine…


  9. Ricardo says:

    Hey Topher,
    I commented in the “Preparing for USMLE in six weeks” section. The calender link is not working, supposedly its not configured to be shared with everyone.

    BTW, Your blog is awesome. The best one on the net.


  10. Carolina says:

    Hi Topher!!
    I was looking for some USMLE videos, and your blog came up in my google search. It’s great!! I will take some time to read it. I’m preparing for my step 1, and working full time….yeah…I know…but I’ll do it.
    I’ll come back!!

  11. Sina says:

    Heyy, I have a question about USMLE, if you’re from an overseas university, can you do it during your medical degree ? or do you have to be graduate ?
    p.s. I’ll be glad you if you visit my blog :)

  12. CJ says:

    Awesome blog! I’ll be entering the GSP program in Newcastle this August, so too bad I won’t get to meet you in Grenada. I’ll definitely keep reading though. I’m especially interested in your “transferring” section, so hopefully there will be updates to that too!
    Congrats with all that you’ve done! =D

  13. anonymous says:

    i miss you chris…

  14. M says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog. Your posts are well thought out, articulate and interesting! Congratulations on meeting and keeping the future wife :)

    I’m starting my journey as a caribbean medical student soon and hope to meet you one day to share some stories!

    Hope you keep writing, because I would like to keep reading,

  15. Trotzy says:

    There is a new SGU guide at SGU Guide

  16. YoYo says:

    I am not a med student, but this is a neat and interesting blog. You are a good writer. The negative tone is somehow reassuring–maybe because it is good to know other students besides me are struggling as well. Keep writing–I want to hear more.

  17. Awesome Blog and very Informative…I should Appreciate you.

  18. Hostess Rep says:

    hey wheres the cream filling?

  19. any chance you could write in more detail about your current job and your path to med school?

  20. fatalis says:

    Will you ever give us an update on what you are up to currently/ one last post to end the blog?

  21. canyptian says:

    I know it’s been many moons since you wrote this post, but have you ever thought of writing an entry about being a “research physician”, if that’s even what you are up to still? Like did you get your start at SGU, or did you seek out your own opportunities? I’d love to know more about it, it’s what I’d love to pursue eventually.

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