Wasted Mind

September 8, 2006

The Psychiatrist I have no idea if this is normal. Going to school in the Caribbean is great, but it isn’t the US, and for that reason I always catch myself wondering if my experience is a “normal” experience comparable to my US studentdoctor peers. Here goes:

I’m still in M2 and the school is interested in giving us a lot of clinical exposure before the clinical years. It’s the logic of pre-kindergarten. Twice a week I’m off to the hospital with my roommates to sample Peds, Med, OBGYN, etc. In addition, we have Clinical Skills, a class where we take non-sick volunteers and try to work them up for the Congestive Heart Failure that they don’t have. So once a week I’m reporting a 3rd heart sound that I don’t hear or a nodular liver in another healthy person at the urging of the tutor and feeling very silly. I am fine with all of this.

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