Homophobic Idiots and the Snickers Ad

February 11, 2007

Offensive” is a word abused by morons. The latest example is the brouhaha over the Snickers advertisement in the Super Bowl. A synopsis from the Americablog.

A bit of background. The ad in question showed a mechanic eating a Snickers bar. Hi co-mechanic is so desirous of the Snickers that he starts eating it from the other end of the same bar that’s already in the other guy’s mouth. The two butch guys eat their way down the bar, like the dogs eating the same string of pasta in the Disney movie – until they’re accidentally kissing. The guys, naturally, recoil in disgust – then, oddly, start ripping out their chest hair with their hands.

The conclusion that Americablog reaches (as do too many others to list) is that the add is anti-gay, hateful, and supports homophobia.  This is of course followed with protests, angry letters, and blog posts calling for the withdrawal of this clearly offensive add.   Here’s my interpretation:

Two mechanics accidently touch lips because Snickers is so delicious. Each, being a homophobic idiot (HI), worries that the other HI thinks that he is a homosexual. So terrified with this thought (being a HI), they each decide to prove how not gay they are by either:

  1. Hitting each other with wrenches
  2. Drinking motor oil and antifreeze
  3. Ripping out clumps of their chest hair while screaming

Commercial ends and we all laugh at the HIs.

Unless you are a homophobic idiot or a Moron Not Otherwise Specified, I don’t see how you were offended. Unfotunately, it’s easier to placate morons than educate them and Snickers pulled the advertisement.

MNOS or HI? You Decide.

From Worth Repeating

1) It’s OK to beat the crap out of gay guys;
2) If you do something gay-ish, consider countering said act with self-mutilation or a hate crime;
3) Using gays as the butt of jokes is funny — and profitable!

From the Lost Remote:

The backlash was entirely predictable, and Snickers and its ad agency deserves it for being so detached from today’s reality.

He’s right, but it’s by accident. Had they test-marketed it with “real” people I’m sure they would have known this real stupid response was coming.