Transferring from the Caribbean: Which Schools Accept FMGs?

It changes. Coming from the Caribbean, you are part of an institution that is outside of the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). Almost all the medical schools in the US and Canada are LCME-accredited and this is the requirement to move between them as a transfer. Few schools elect to consider non-LCME students. To find out which schools accept non-LCME students, I went to the AAMC’s website for transfer policies by school. I asked to search by policy then narrowed my search by selecting ALL schools in ALL regions and selecting all the boxes accept for the first four (LCME-accredited applicant, Osteopathic applicant, Dental applicant, Oral and Facial surgeon applicant). This generated a list of 54 institutions accepting transfers into the second year and 73 accepting applicants into the third year. There is some overlap.

I then sat down and called every single institution to ask about their transfer policy for non-LCME students. This is important to do if you are serious about transferring and this level of effort will separate you from your peers. You will find out before applying if a school that has always accepted transfers has recently changed its policy, has no availability this year due to an oversubscribed first year class, or has recently begun to accept transfers. There have been cases where the school said “no” over the phone, the student applied anyway and was then offered an interview. The determined student will always have an advantage over the complacent student. Decide which one you are going to be and then plan accordingly. The programs that I contacted told me that the information on this site concerning number of available spots is inaccurate, so do not let a “0 spaces available” stop you from inquiring. Plus, it builds character.

There are several schools that often have spaces available nd are well known to those that frequent the discussion boards. These school are:

1. Drexel University

2. George Washington

3. New York Medical College

4. Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine (NEOUCOM)

5. SUNY Upstate

6. Tulane University

7. University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey (UMDNJ)

In addition to this list, I was able to confirm that eight other schools would accept non-LCME applicants. I do not feel like I have given too much away with this list as it is available everywhere, but if you are willing to search for the remaining schools than you deserve to be separated from others for your effort. Do not forget to call the medical schools in the state where you have residence. Several state schools do not accept non-LCME applicants but do accept applicants that are residents of the state regardless of school affiliation.

As the information begins to pile, it is a good idea to remain organized. Open a spreadsheet with a space for the school, its application deadline, fee, email contact, phone number, application cost, number of required recommendations from undergraduate and medical faculty, required transcripts, etc. Happy hunting.

29 Responses to Transferring from the Caribbean: Which Schools Accept FMGs?

  1. Kshah says:

    have you heard of any US schools which will accept Canadian students from SGU?

  2. pk says:

    are there any other schools I could try beside these.

  3. NB says:

    Drexel does not anticipate any openings for 2008. Tulane no longer accepts FMGs. NYMC does not have any openings for 2008.

  4. […] Not a bad plan. Another option could be to see if your state school accepts transfers from foreign medical schools into 2nd year. If you can maintain your 4.0 GPA this fall, you may have a decent chance to be accepted for transfer (depending your school’s policies). You can also retake the MCAT this summer in any case, to beef up your application. You can then apply for transfer at the end of this Fall semester and have 8 months before the next year begins. Check out this link – it may be helpful. Transferring from the Caribbean: Which Schools Accept FMGs? the rumors were true […]

  5. […] Transferring from the Caribbean: Which Schools Accept FMGs? [the rumors were true] […]

  6. SC says:

    Thanks for the detailed information. Very helpful. Looking back on your experience, I was wondering if you could tell me what do you think is the reason Drexel accepted you? (i.e. good Step 1 scores, grades, etc.) Thank you.


  7. cally says:

    Can you give us the average stats of students that successfully transfer to a state school?


  8. NY says:


    can you let me know the list of schools who accept FMG’s?

  9. Andrea says:

    Hey…. Well, there is one very important thing you forgot to say.. all these schools only accept permanent residents or US citizens.. Here I am.. wonderful resume, filled with hope.. You have just let me down mister.. not u.. probably the one who decided not to accept transfers from foreigners…

  10. James says:

    Great post

    As an update, it seems that some of these schools, like GWU have now stopped considering students from Caribbean Schools for transfer.

    George Washington doesn’t take caribbean students:

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  12. Tuan Farrah says:

    Helpful article. Many thanks for posting

  13. Study Smart says:

    Perfect GPA…

    Transferring from the Caribbean: Which Schools Accept FMGs? « the rumors were true…

  14. Resume says:


    […]Transferring from the Caribbean: Which Schools Accept FMGs? « the rumors were true[…]…

  15. galaxymini says:


    […]Transferring from the Caribbean: Which Schools Accept FMGs? « the rumors were true[…]…

  16. macintosh says:


    […]Transferring from the Caribbean: Which Schools Accept FMGs? « the rumors were true[…]…

  17. Kristin says:

    Hello Im about to become a US permanent resident which has forced me to leave my medical school in the caribbean in which i was a fourth year student. Most of these state colleges require MCAT scores, how do i go about getting this and successfully applying to these schools. Please help, and advise is welcome.

    • Nichol says:

      Try to graduate before going to the states,… your chances will be better, i don’t think any one accepts people in to yr 4 usually its yr 1,2, or 3.

  18. sarah says:

    hi , i am in the same situation ,i am goin to be a fourth year medical student.i am studing in Syria and i need to transfer to the US.I am also a US citizen.but i dnt know which schools to apply for and will they accept me as a pre med student or medical student? do i have to pass the usmle step 1 exam to be accepted in a medical school.
    i feel so confused about it , do i have any chance?
    please help ,and advise is welcome

  19. raaaaam says:

    My daughter has MCA 43, GPA 4.0 and we moved to India and did KMCIC Manipal first 2 yrs which is afffliated to American university of Antigua. Now we understood that there are no private loans to complete further 2 yrs. So would like to transfer for US medical school. Her first two Yrs MD, she has 4.0 GPA and best outgoing student award. We have messed up coming back to India without taking Harvard offer for her and we are repenting for that. Is there a better way for her to regain her clinical rotations back in US Medical school as she has outstanding academics right from school.

  20. Angie Franklin says:

    There are a number of options with medical school caribbean. I go to UMHS in St. Kitts. They offer a lot, so I would definitely recommend taking a look before you make your choice.

  21. Maryam says:

    Is there any chance to transfer from Windsor university school of medicine to any medical university in us?

  22. Jewelz says:

    Hi “Maryam” from Windsor, how funny we’ve ended up on the same page…!!!

    ~ Jewelz

  23. Mary Creasy says:

    Great information. I am starting at AGUSM, another of the caribbean medical schools. Your information will definitely help me better prepare for my own experiences in the Caribbean.

  24. tanusree saha says:

    ii am not a American or canadian citizen i am studying in a carabian medical school please can you advice which school helps to get us visas for clinicals

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    Transferring from the Caribbean: Which Schools Accept FMGs? | the rumors were true

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