Things to do this week

Things to do this week.

  1. Write about the transfer process
  2. Write four stories from my trip to Asia (with pictures)
  3. Attend orientation at Drexel University and meet my new classmates
  4. Explain to everyone why I am going to stop writing here at the Rumors Were True
  5. Pack my bags, move to Pittsburgh, and start a new life.

It’s going to be a busy week.

8 Responses to Things to do this week

  1. Damn, Topher. We’ll miss you.

    How about a blog of your experiences at Drexel?

  2. BB says:

    That would be better really one good explanation!

  3. Emily says:

    (4.)Tell me this is a dream… It must be! You are a true motivation, well not simply let you go!

  4. Stue B. says:

    Congratz man…

  5. bdf says:


  6. steph says:

    thanks topher for sharing up to this point.

  7. Adrian says:

    Did you think you would slip that in there and we wouldn’t notice? Damn, that sucks, but surely you’re just going to move to a more anonymous blog…right?

  8. Thanks for the insights. Truly very encouraging to be reading you. I wish you more and more of the best in your new school and new ventures!

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