Reader Submitted Corrections

The following is a list of corrections/suggestions that the readers of this site have submitted.  Thanks for contributing.


  1. P.92, Collagen synthesis and structure
    1. In both Lipp Biochem (p47) and High Yield Histo (ch 5- p 45)say that both hydroxylation and glycosylation occur in the RER as does formation of the of procollagen (triple helix) from pro-alpha-collagen. In First Aid it says Glycosylation and procollagen formation occurs in the Golgi.
  2. P. 109, Lipoproteins
    1. diagram of chylomicrons. Shouldn’t have Apoprotein A–A is found only on HDL particles.
    2. On second reading, perhaps CM do contain Apo A, but HDL seems to be the main location of Apo A.
  3. P.139, Stains
    1. PCP appears also on page 139, and should be changed to P. jiroveci
  4. P.155, Microbiology – Virology
    1. +ss RNA virus mnemonic

                                                              i.      Flava-flav is having a Retro Toga-Corona party in Pico Cali

1.       Flavivirus

2.       Retrovirus

3.       Togavirus

4.       Coronavirus

5.       Picarnovirus (no envelope)

6.       Calcivirus (no envelope)

  1. P.158, Viral Vaccines
    1. MMR, with the R [Rubella] being in bold type, is indicated as being an egg based vaccine.  However, measles and mumps are the egg based vaccines, while Rubella is from lung fibroblasts
  2. P.171, Protein synthesis inhibitors
    1. I changed the 50S mnemonic to: chloramphenicol, erythromycin, lincomycin/clindamycin, Linezolid. I did this because as you noted, lincomycin/clindamycin are in the same class, and they don’t mention linezolid, which is important as a 50S inhibitor used to treat MRSA.
  3. P.201, Tumor nomenclature
    1. Benign: mature teratoma (women)
    2. Malignant: immature teratoma (women), mature teratoma (men)
  4. P.250, Cardiovascular therapy
    1. positive inotropes raise cardiac ouput (the + sign and the down arrow are confusing)
  5. P.303, Basophil
    1. in TAIL the I is not “Iron deficiency” but is “Iron Overload”
  6. P.333
    1. It should mention that PAN is NOT associated with granulomas like Wegeners; also that PAN lesions favor branching points of arteries; Lastly, the last line under Churg-Strauss syndrome stating “often seen in atopic patients” should be followed by commonly has new onset or worsening of asthma preceding symptoms of vasculitis.
  7. P.372, Neuromuscular blocking drugs
    1. Everything I have read says there is no pharmalogical antidote to succinylcholine (especially not an acetylcholinase inhibitor like neostigmine, which is what is written under phase II of the depolarizing NMJ blocker succinylcholine).
  8. P.426, Lung relations
    1. The figure of the trachea and bronchi is confusing.  The right lung bronchus is shorter, wider and more upright when compared to the left main bronchus.  The figure has this relationship reversed.  See Gray’s Anatomy.

3 Responses to Reader Submitted Corrections

  1. LadyGrey says:

    I just wanted to tell you that you rock, for both your schedule (which I adapted and am using) and your corrections, which I assiduously compare to First Aid and to my own books/notes when skeptical. Thanks for making this a little less awful.

  2. Nelson says:

    Regarding #7

    In K&T’s review book, 7th ed, they mention that while succinylcholine is normally short acting, if given continuously it enters the phase II response (gradual repolarization with resistance to depolarization) “i.e., a curare-like block”. They do explicitly say in table 27-1 p233 that neostigmine is antagonistic to the phase II effect, just like it antagonizes tubocurarine, but it’s not explained beyond that. In phase I, neostigmine definitely potentiates succinylcholine. In summary, I don’t think FA is wrong here.

  3. prettypreeti says:

    Pharm Cards (lippincott) agree with first aid on the sch phase II reversal with neostigmine.
    They also say that tubocurarine reverses Phase I block.

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