Cherry Picks (3.27.07)

Once in a while, I read something that reminds me of what I’ve forgotten. Ava Dear is two posts in, cataloging a journey beginning at the first decision to leave an old life for medicine. If the rest of the writing is this good, then we are all in for a treat. Of Nodes and C Underscore.

Decisions can be the once only, nip-it-in-the-bud kind of easy when you already know the why. And I’ve known the why about medicine even before the thought crossed my mind to become a physician.

What I do has gotta be consequential.

It’s gotta matter, writ large, even when it doesn’t feel like it does.

I’ve found the “so what” factor to be so pronounced, so severely a part of business that I can’t go on with that life, no matter the money.

Then there is the feeling when you read someone that is making the same arguments that you are making to the same audience, but he’s just doing it better then you ever did. This is my experience reading Medical Economics by MiamiMed.

Let’s think for a second about the majority of the new “rights” that the United Nations and many individual countries have attempted to confer upon all of humanity. These include things like healthcare and a “living wage.” These things violate the negative rights of others. Because healthcare doesn’t exist naturally, it must be created. To confer healthcare as a positive right, it must be confiscated.

I thought he had dropped off the face of the earth, but the Mexico Medical Student is back and blogging with the best post from last week’s Grand Rounds. 5/4 is so well put together, it makes me feel lazy.

More great ranting by the PandaBear MD.

  1. What Exactly is Wrong With “Patient Care?” You use the phrase like it were some kind of swear word but isn’t this our purpose as residents?
  2. What, exactly, is wrong with the current system of residency training and how would things work in the Pandaverse?
  3. B-b-but Panda, you can’t possibly train a doctor without working him 80 or more hours a week as a resident. Are you saying that we need to extend residency training?

I may be lucky enough to interview for transfer come June and July. This article sums up nicely the mistakes that I routinely make should avoid.

Another great post from Signout. Need to be seen.

It took me only a few minutes to realize that answering May’s question was the least of my concerns: although Rosie had significant delays with stereotypic movements, her mother had deep cognitive deficits of her own that prevented her from understanding the depths of her daughter’s limitations. Although she had only slightly more comprehension than Rosie, it was enough to allow her to express one of her major concerns: “I don’t want her to grow up to be like me.”

A Farrago of Gallimaufries just returned from Spain with pictures and humor. I noticed a bit ago that the number of amateur photographers in medical school seems higher than in other groups. I hope to join the ranks of Farrago and Graham Azon on my current trip.

Gibraltar is absolutely the most beautiful place I have ever been to. I am going to live there one day. Or at least own a home there. Or at least visit again. Or think about visiting. One of those.


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  1. BFD says:

    Thanks buddy. Any news on transferring success?

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