Errors in First Aid for the USMLE (2007): Psychiatry

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  1. P.379, Other anxiety disorders
    1. “Anxiety disorder – emotional symptoms (anxious, depressed mood) causing impairment following an identifiable psychosocial stressor within the last three months (e.g. divorce, moving….”
  2. P.379, Malingering
    1. I think it’s worth adding: “Patient avoids treatment and complaints cease after gain.” This is in contrast to factitious disorder where the patient undergoes treatment ( e.g. surgery) and the complaints recur (grid abdomen).
  3. P.381, Eating disorders
    1. A useful distinction between anorexics and bulimics is that anorexics have incredible control over their eating, while bulimics have no control over their eating. Anorexics are often perfectionists while bulimics are often shoplifters.
  4. P.381, Substance Abuse
    1. Substance abuse does not require dependence as stated.
  5. P.387, Monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors
    1. Atypical depression is characterized by mood reactivity (the ability to feel good when something positive happens) and reversed vegetative symptoms (such as overeating and oversleeping). It is not characterized as accompanying “psychotic of phobic features” as described.

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3 Responses to Errors in First Aid for the USMLE (2007): Psychiatry

  1. Fernando says:

    Point 1. At the 5th month, it would still meet the criteria for Adjustment Disorder (not anxiety disorder, unless you meant for that to be changed as well), but the identifiable psychosocial stressor would have first occurred more than 3 months earlier at that point.

  2. Kim says:

    Page 376–delerium is a secondary condition and is therefore “ALWAYS due to substance use/abuse or medical illness.

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