Cherry Picks (3.20.2007)

thieme.jpgImagine my surprise when the brand new Thieme Atlas of Head and Neuroanatomy arrived in the mail today. I don’t remember ordering this, though the invoice clearly shows that I paid for it online the night that I took the USMLE. This means that I must have been drunk with a credit card, and I decided to order an Anatomy Atlas. Does anyone else do these types of things? Am I the only one? Do I keep it?

Of course I keep it; it’s beautiful. Onto the links.

My Hero, one of the most powerful stories I’ve read in a long time.

But in those dark hours between signing the consent forms and prepping The Missus for surgery, I slipped down to the hospital chapel, locked the door and laid myself bare.

I’ve been shot at and narrowly missed. I’ve been in more than a few situations when the feces have struck the thermal agitator and everyone else was lost in the fog of panic, and I like to think that I rarely lose my cool. I’ve always thought of it as my gift.

But I found out I can be paralyzed by fear. And so on that night, I laid my head on that communion rail and I wept and I made bargains with God and I promised that if He would let my kid live, I’d do anything that He asked.

There’s really no way to set this up without blowing the joke, so I’ll just Cue Jeopardy Music.

Him: “What are you staring at?”
Me: “I’m just waiting. If I’m right, you’re gonna puke any second now.”

A while ago I read an amazing article on trash and recycling and discovered that what we all think we know can be bogus. I like to keep an open mind to things when I don’t know what I’m talking about, and so it is with global warming. After watching The Great Global Warming Swindle (available here through Google Video), I think what most of us think we know is hogwash. Really stretches the mind.

Blackwhite. I do love the Panda Bear’s rants.

George Orwell in his classic dystopian novel 1984 invents a nightmarish world where, in the time of Big Brother, the very language was being modified to prevent both the expression of dissent and its conception. In the novel, the Party sought not only to eradicate words that could lead to the discussion of thoughtcrime but to prevent even the possibility of it.

In a similar manner, residents lack the conceptual vocabulary to protest their obvious mistreatment and, because they are unable to frame the debate in any other terms but that of the establishment’s brand of Newspeak, they are reduced to sheepishly shuffling their feet and muttering vague self-centered sounding complaints.


One Response to Cherry Picks (3.20.2007)

  1. What Topher, you can’t get drunk and buy the latest K-Tel Disco hits of the 70s compilation CD like everyone else, or spend your money on 1-900 numbers and cheaply made figurines from QVC?

    How…responsible of you. ;)

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