Fairy Tales

I hope this writer over at “The Gentleman’s C” knows what he has here.  A book of these would sell like so many hot cross buns.

The Angry Kid went to a “Princess Party” this past weekend. I overdosed on cheap tulle and the color pink and, to my horror, she now speaks of nothing but her own “Princess Party,” which she believes I am required to provide. Saturday night, at bedtime, the Angry Kid asked for a story. This is what she got.

A  little later in the greatest fairy tale ever

Snow White sighed. “You idiot,” she declared. “There’s no such thing as magic, and wishing for things won’t make them come true. Evil, stupid Queen, get away from here and don’t come back!” With these words, Snow White raised the hammer up high, and the Queen thought Snow White was going to hit her with it. She dropped her basket of nasty apples and ran into the woods, afraid for her life. Unfortunately, she didn’t watch where she was going, and she ran right off a cliff and died.

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