Transferring from the Caribbean: Moral Dillema

I have a list of things to write about transferring from the Caribbean. It swells and shrinks with my ideas, but it stands now at the following:

  1. Make Peace With Your Decision
  2. Why Transfer?
  3. Writing the Essay
  4. Which Schools Accept FMGs?
  5. Getting a Good Recommendation.

Mind you, the thought of publicly failing (in the pseudo-anonymous sense) does weigh on me, but I’ve made peace with it. What stops me now from continuing is the amount of interest in the topic. I don’t normally get more than 100-200 visitors a day at this tiny blog, but since I wrote the first few posts about this process, that has increased considerably.

There are many students that would like to transfer. Whether they began happily in the Caribbean and have since made the decision to transfer (as I have) or began abroad only to buff their application for this purpose, I cannot know. What I do now is that there are a lot of them and that they are looking for information.

I began writing this series because of my frustrations. While I am going through this process, I have not found the information that I want organized and readable in one place. As you may know, I am a Kantian living accordingly to the Categorical Imperative, and this dictates that I must create the things I wish I had if they have not existed for me. It sucks at times, but those are the sacrifices I have come to accept for living the life that I do.

This means that if what I write is worth a damn, it will help prepare those people with whom I am competing. I’ve long thought that if I met a few of my friends at an interview that we would exchange awkard glances before realizing that, “Hey, we both want the same thing. No use hiding it.” And for the most part, I’ve been somewhat comfortable with this. My thought has been that I am a very strong candidate and that if I am not accepted, it’s because I am really not the guy that they want and not because I’m weak on paper. If I fail, I want it to be in the interview. I want it to be me they are rejecting, and not a recorded version of my accomplishments.

I don’t know if anyone reading it realizes what an enourmous move forward that thought is for me.

So now I’m stuck. This is still anonymous, but it is not unseen. I can be found on google. These are no longer my trade secrets, and everything I share has the potential to help others and harm me (as so much as it is useful). It would be different if I was writing this retrospectively from a safer perch, but it is not and I am not. So now I must choose whether to suspend it until I have gone through it, or to continue as I progress with secrets laid bare.

Am I actually comfortable with my chances against the masses, or was I just comfortable with my chances against the masses that I knew? Will I decide to keep my advantage of information against my competition? Should they benefit from the time I spend on the phones, doing the legwork, figuring the deadlines, and creating a schedule? Am I slowly becoming part of the problem that spurred me to start a solution?

I’m still not sure.

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