noun: Who was that? Don’t worry about him. He’s some worthless foad.

verb: Oh yeah?! Well FOAD!

adjective: Well that was a foad way to say it.

present participle: By the grace of God, he’s foading.

The Fuck Off And Die competition starts today! Conceived by the Dinosaur, it’s a competition between writers to write the best FOAD letter without letting the receiver know it. Tact misapplied, if you will.

From the Dinosaur:

Alternative post titles were:

  • Lessons from my Father
  • How to Say “Fuck You” So Elegantly They Don’t Even Know You’ve Said It

Inspired by Medblog Addict, #1 Dinosaur would like to announce a contest to see who can write the classiest “Screw You” letter. First prize is a copy of my book (which includes disclosure of my true identity.)

I am participating in the contest and, while I won’t tell you which is mine, I encourage you to vote for it. There will be five new FOADs each day for a week. For my money, this is the best one ever written:

“I am sitting in the smallest room of my house with your letter before me. Soon it will be behind me.” — Voltaire to Morat

Laugh today, topher.


4 Responses to FOAD

  1. nosugrefneb says:

    I wrote up a few submissions too. Best contest ever.
    (I’m laughing my ass off at “By the grace of God, he’s foading.” Haha.)

  2. […] apparently made quite an impression on Topher, a fellow contestant. He’s taken to using foad as an actual word in everyday conversation: “By the grace of God, he’s […]

  3. #1 Dinosaur says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words (and the linkage.)

    Out of curiosity, when you pronounce it as a word (FOAD), do you say it with one or two syllables? Personally, I am a two-fer: “FO-AD.”

  4. Like all four-letter words, it gets one syllable.

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