Errors in First Aid for the USMLE (2007): Pathology

I was really happy with this section. Under the new divisions, Basic Pathology gets a few pages early to cover neoplasia and inflammation. The majority of Pathology is spread out in the Systems from the second half of the book (which is why so little is covered here).

As always, this is from an email sent to the First Aid team.


  1. P.204, Paraneoplastic effects of tumors:
    1. From Robbins Pathology: “Definition: Symptoms not directly related to the spread of the tumor or elaboration of hormones indigenous to the tissue from which the tumor arose.” “Cancer-associated hypercalcemia also results from osteolysis induced by bony metastases; this, however, is not to be considered a paraneoplastic syndrome.” This section in the First Aid lists “bone metastasis (lysed bone)” as a paraneoplastic syndrome causing hypercalcemia. This is not “para” neoplastic or an endocrinopathy like the elaboration of PTH-like peptides from Squamous Cell Lung Cancer.
    2. Hepatocellular CA is also capable of expressing erythropoietin as a PNP syndrome.
  2. P.205, Cancer epidemiology
    1. The way that these percentages are listed makes the pattern non-obvious. I suggest simply rearranging the data.


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6 Responses to Errors in First Aid for the USMLE (2007): Pathology

  1. Elian says:

    Page 203
    Tumor Markers
    S-100: astrocytomas done have this marker

  2. Rahul Malhotra says:

    Page 201
    Tumor Nomenclature: > 1 Cell Type

    Mature teratoma (women)

    Immature teratoma (women)
    Mature teratoma (men)

  3. Akta says:

    p 204

    The most common primary tumor that metastasizes to the liver is the LUNG, then the COLON. That’s what I remember learning.

  4. Ian says:

    pg 199

    First off, I think it is worth mentioning that along with vitamins A and E, vitamin C has antioxidant activity by regenerating vitamin E and preventing the oxidation of LDLs.

    I agree with Akta. When trying to remember regional metastases my best high-yield suggestion is to remember that liver and brain mets are most commonly from primary LUNG CA and that lung and bone mets are most commonly from primary BREAST CA.

    Also, in terms of incidence don’t try to separate men and women, just think:

    In terms of mortality, lung cancer moves to the front of the line:

    good luck everyone

  5. Blog says:



  6. Scharer says:

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