Today is ER Day

Three great ER links came across my browser today:

The perfect day at the ER. Stories like this make me consider the specialty more and more.

The mental gymnastics in figuring out the diagnosis on 90% of the patients becomes reflex. But the real challenge — to be efficient, to Move the Meat, to manage the limited resources in your department in the most effective manner — that is always different and never gets old and, strangely, sometimes offers more satisfaction than does the actual patient care.

Don’t play with Fireworks. One day you’re having fun tying your shoes, the next day you have a flesh mitten.

An Eye for an Eye. I hope this happens more often, but Charity Doc had a lawyer that filed a frivilous malpractice lawsuit against him present in his ER.

“Yeah, I’m a personal injury lawyer. I have no problems telling doctors that. I get better care that way, actually. Makes you guys more careful around me.”

“Yes, I know you very well, Mr. Cochran. You were the plaintiff attorney accusing me of being a baby killer, remember?!”


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