My Health Care Education: Links 01

Thank you, Google Reader, for all of these presents.

To begin my education in the Health Care of these United States, I’ve traveled around trying to find the blogs that are already writing about these topics.  Here are a few:

Kevin MD covers the daily news of malpractice, health care reform, etc.  He doesn’t offer much commentary, but he makes up for it with access (there is little that he misses).  He’s like medicine’s Matt Drudge.

Joe Paduda over at Managed Care Matters is a regular read these days.  His writing is great.  This article about Senator Wyden’s proposal to fix health care caught my attention.  I’m also paying close attention to his “Essential Blog Reads” in the right-hand column.

The Health Care Blog: Everything You Wanted to Know About Health Care but Were Afraid to Ask.  I liked this recent synopsis on how to fix the problem of the uninsured.

Consumerism Commentary just started a series of posts about getting his MBA online with the University of Pheonix.  While I’m thinking about an MBA, I have to wonder whether I’ll go brick and mortar or straight to the series of tubes.

A Stitch in Haste has this whirlwind post covering many of the topics that concern opponents of Universal Health Care (and should concern the supporters).  Not a lot of pro/con balanced argument, but a quick survey of the topics nonetheless.

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