Things to Come

A few things are going to start popping up here. First, I’m going to begin studying for the USMLE come Jan 4th and I plan on keeping everyone who cares up to date on how I select review books, choose a plan of attack, and generally fare over the next two months with a “How to I Prepared for the USMLE” series.

Second, the medico-economics of health care continues to fascinate/infuriate me. I’m a Pessimistic Kantian, so if I’m going to walk around wishing that someone had already written a personal guide to explain this to me then my ethic dictates that I have to make one myself (since I wish some future-self had saved me the trouble). I’ll be gathering what I can online and bringing it here for your easy consumption as “My Health Care Education.”

Third (and a sensitive topic for those in the Caribbean), I am applying for transfer to a US medical school in March with the possibility of interviewing in June/July of 2007. This will be interesting for me because 1) I have no idea how to go about it as information for prospective transfers isn’t exactly advertised or accessible at SGU, 2) I may end up producing a helpful guide while publicly failing myself, and 3) I’ll get to address some of the reasons why I think transferring is an important step for me and whether that contradicts what I’ve written (a guide about how great SGU is) and said (with MedScape) previously. “Transferring from a Caribbean Medical School” should be interesting.

But that all starts in a week. In the meantime, I’d like to draw your attention to the updated “SGU Guides.” Whereas before it was simply a link to the Welcome to Grenada site, it now has a menu of things I’ve written that don’t fit easily into the longer version but still deserve a home. I hope it helps.

Cheers for now, topher.

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