Another Milestone in the Marathon

Do you have to feel sad to feel nostalgic? Do you have to miss something?  Two days after taking my last exam in the Caribbean and sewing up the first two years of medical school, this is what I’m wondering.  In the last two years I have made writing a big part of my life and so there’s an expectation that I have that the end of this period would move me to write something inspiring.  But it’s not there; I’m not sad enough to be nostalgic.

Instead, I am simply ready for it to be over.  After two years of staring at books, notes and PowerPoints I feel like the velcro has worn through and things are sticking less.  I need a change of scenery and a change of context.  Studying for the Boards followed by a 6 week vacation in Southeast Asia will go a long way to resetting things, but moving to New York and working in a hospital every day with patients as test material will be the thing that keeps me going.  That this is ending now is just great timing.

Goodbye, St. Vincent.

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