Call for Submissions, a second time

heart attackHeading into the weekend I have received 10 submissions for this week’s Grand Rounds, leading me to believe that the medical writers have all suffered heart attacks. Not to worry; this may advance the plot.

Nicholas Genes has the PreRounds interview posted where I answer the following questions:

  1. After reading your blog, the non-US med school track is looking better all the time. You are pretty honest about not doing great in college, but you also come across as a thoughtful writer and student, an intelligent observer, and thus, probably a good medical student and future physician. Any regrets about this path so far?
  2. Do you anticipate future prejudice from doctors who graduated from American schools? Back when applying, we heard some negative comments about the Caribbean; are those rumors true?
  3. Your blog started out like a collection of letters home, before turning out gems like Anne and Cracked Lips. How did you get your start, and why did your writing change?

historian smallThe deadline for carefully considered entries is Sunday at 11:59:59pm. Please send submissions to

Thank you, A Very Famous Historian

P.S. Anything submitted on Monday would have to be fantastic. Tuesday is right out.

One Response to Call for Submissions, a second time

  1. Ah, how fortunate we Python fans are. My submission includes a blatantly obvious Python reference to qualify me for Grand Rounds, but the subject matter is good, too. (No, really. Honest. Yep.)

    Ditto Fat Doctor; your blog is really good. The amount of insight you show is impressive. (Basically ANY amount of insight shown by a med student amazes me, as my brains are often too squished by evil medical professors to be capable of insight.) I’m adding you to my blogroll. I hope you don’t mind the heading I’m giving you.

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