Grand Rounds: Call for Submissions

famous historian largeI’ll be hosting Grand Rounds 03.08 on Tuesday, November 14th. Your entries will be carefully considered up until midnight on Sunday the 12th, after which they will be roughly considered. The theme shall include coconuts, a murderous rabbit, and the oppression inherent in the system. Come brave a bit of peril as we search for the Holy Grail.

Please send all submissions to

Thank you, A Very Famous Historian.

P.S. Grand Rounds is a weekly collection of the best writing within the medical blogosphere. It is compiled entirely by volunteer submission, so anyone can participate. The archives can be found here. If you would like to host in the future, you must be chosen by the Lady of the Lake.

P.P.S. Anything submitted on Monday would have to be fantastic. Tuesday is right out.

4 Responses to Grand Rounds: Call for Submissions

  1. Fat Doctor says:

    I followed a link over at Dr. A’s site and am quite impressed with your blog. I shall try to submit for your GR next week. One question – how serious are you about the Holy Grail theme? I’ve never seen it, and I can’t give my husband the satisfaction. He loves it, and I refuse to watch it just on principle. Can my submission be Python-free?

  2. I started giggling immediately at that, and thanks for the compliment. Of course your entry can be Python-free, though I am very serious about the Python theme and, like all things, you can choose your own level of involvement. There are some people that have submitted posts that are CLEARLY angling for a certain reference and others that have written about some things that have nothing to do with Monty. I’ll do my best to fit it all.

  3. HealthPsych says:

    Is the gift of a shrubbery mandatory?

  4. […] Heading into the weekend I have received 10 submissions for this week’s Grand Rounds, leading me to believe that the medical writers have all suffered heart attacks. Not to worry; this may advance the plot. […]

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