I first heard about the National Novel Writing Month about two years ago.  The idea is to write 50,000 words, a novel, in a month.  I filed it away under “great ideas that I should, but will never, do” right next to “running a marathon.”  Jarrad over at Veritography just told me that Michael Crichton wrote novels while he was in medical school (Harvard, no less).

In the month of November, I have: four exams, a research paper to finish, a Student’s Guide to Grenada to edit, tshirts to sell, and 50,000 words to write.  Should be fun.

Here’s to committing to a bad idea, but in the write spirit.  topher.

3 Responses to Commit

  1. whatnext says:

    i believe you can cash in that last sentence for a credit of 10,000 words at least….
    the ease with which you travel around in language delights me.

  2. jarrad says:

    Ah, glad you’re doing it. Looking forward to reading your stuff.

  3. #1 Dinosaur says:

    No busier than a family doc in solo practice at the beginning of flu shot season, with three cats, a paraplegic dog and a family to care for.

    Status: November 12: 20,206 words. (Only about 7000 are any good, but hey, it’s NaNo.)

    Welcome to the club. (Both of them.)

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