Coming attractions

I was riding hypomania for a while and that’s very much over.  Hard to get moving these days, hard to write much.  Well, I figure it’s time I finished the drunk driving post.  It’s also time to write a little something about arriving, living and studying in St. Vincent for anyone coming here next term.  It’s also time to do something I haven’t done in a while: write a good joke.  So for anyone that checks by here and has been disappointed the last week or so, let’s hope for hypomania once again.

Cheers, topher.

One Response to Coming attractions

  1. whatnext says:

    can i put in a good word for Brooklyn? all things being equal and information from those who actually KNOW something about the various hospitals being absent, let me say, based on being in Brooklyn occasionally, that Brooklyn can be a very good place to live.

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