This is what I’m talking about

September 13, 2006

The other day I had some sour grapes over my experiences in Psych. My feeling was disappointment over the disconnect between what I read from folks in the field and what I experience clinically. For those that don’t get the chance to surf as much, The White Coat Rock has two excellent posts today:

Drugs, Hugs, Hags, and Has-Beens:

“There is nothing lamer than people who live a sort of drug-filled, hedonistic lifestyle, then come to see the light and become crusaders against what they once enjoyed. You find this occassionally, former hippies or scenesters who suddenly find religion and then go around telling everyone ‘Yeah, I did this stuff, and really enjoyed it too. But I realize now it was wrong, and you all shouldn’t do what I did.’ Hey, you had your fun, so keep your fuckin’ mouth shut and let others find their own paths.

That is my brand of anarchism: don’t let anyone tell you what the limits of your experiences on Earth should be. It’s your right to fuck up. Just don’t whine so much if you find yourself down and out.”

Personality, or Lack Thereof:

“I’ve been in a pissy mood recently. Inexplicable. Need to remember to leave my knife at home. Can’t afford to get into any knife-fights.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about personality disorders recently, since we talk about that a lot on the psych wards. I don’t like the idea, never have. As far as I can tell, the personality disorders were invented by psychoanalysts who got frustrated by patients they couldn’t pin on a discrete diagnosis on, but who had enough indiosyncrasies for the therapist to suspect they ‘just weren’t right.'”

The Bell Curve

September 12, 2006

MD teaching bell curve Those outside of medicine, I want you to know this: doctors are doctors because they know medicine. They are not doctors because they are great teachers. And who teaches future doctors? Doctors do. For students looking to learn, it’s the lottery of the bell curve. Will today’s doctor also be a great teacher, an ok one, or confusing? Most of us will end up drawing in the middle. This week it feels like I’m on the losing tail.

To the clinical tutors I have had this past week, this is my open letter to you: Read the rest of this entry »

Wasted Mind

September 8, 2006

The Psychiatrist I have no idea if this is normal. Going to school in the Caribbean is great, but it isn’t the US, and for that reason I always catch myself wondering if my experience is a “normal” experience comparable to my US studentdoctor peers. Here goes:

I’m still in M2 and the school is interested in giving us a lot of clinical exposure before the clinical years. It’s the logic of pre-kindergarten. Twice a week I’m off to the hospital with my roommates to sample Peds, Med, OBGYN, etc. In addition, we have Clinical Skills, a class where we take non-sick volunteers and try to work them up for the Congestive Heart Failure that they don’t have. So once a week I’m reporting a 3rd heart sound that I don’t hear or a nodular liver in another healthy person at the urging of the tutor and feeling very silly. I am fine with all of this.

I am not fine today. Read the rest of this entry »