SVD Frustration

frustration with SVDI’m so fucking frustrated right now.

At SGU, after any exam, the scantrons are collected and those students wishing to may leave. Students may choose to remain to be passed the answer key. They then have a half hour to look over their own answers. This system is so important to me as a student because it:

1) allows me to catch things I’ve missed that may be important

2) catch mis-keyed items

3) write challenges to questions that are poorly worded or have more than one correct answer.

All of this is important when you consider that everyone (profs included) make mistakes and that many of our professors are foreign-born, so the use of English sometimes does not sync correctly.

Why you would screw up a system that works is beyond me. I discover today that I will not have the option of checking my answers (so I don’t learn what I got wrong and go on forever thinking incorrectly) and will not be able to submit challenges to the questions. Instead, the department picks three people randomly from the class to meet an hour after the end of the exam to go over the questions and raise challenges then.

There’s a huge problem here. What if the three people are morons? How can someone with a poor grasp of the material correctly challenge questions that require more delicate differences? How can you possibly assume that they would be able to pick up on every possible error the way a FLEET of students looking out for their own interests might? Why, oh Why, would you use such an asinine system for evaluating a test?

So I’m frustrated with the Pharm department for screwing with a good thing and with no benefit. end of rant.

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