Where to Live

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Unless you arrive very early, it is difficult to find a place to live off of campus. You will not know which areas are safe, what prices are fair, and everyone that is coming to the island after First term has snatched up the best apartments. You will probably end up at the True Blue Campus or at Grand Anse.

The University is on the True Blue Campus. There are a number of dorms their: Superdorm #1, #2, #3, and #4. There is also upper-term housing in singles, doubles, four- and six-person suites. Your room will be very small, very cozy. It will also be very expensive. The pros to living on campus include waking up later, not having to use the bus as often, good security and being around people every hour of the day. The cons are the price, the size, campus burnout and being around people every hour of the day. It comes down to your personality.

If you grew up in the projects, you will love the dorms in Grand Anse. You will come home to crabs and lizards. Your plumbing may throw fits and your carpet may begin to smell. If you have ever been camping and like it, then this is the place for you. The pros of living in Grand Anse are the price (considerably cheaper), the location (it is on the beach and across from the Spiceland supermarket and mall), the atmosphere (people that can live happily in those conditions are generally relaxed), the food (Mr. Green Jeans and the Ladies are there to cook for you every day) and the quiet.

When it comes time to find another place to live, you can either enter the Lottery on campus or look elsewhere. I suggest moving off campus. You will be farther away so may need to rent a car and your security is window bars instead of guards, but even taking that into account it can be cheaper and nicer. You can find available apartments through word of mouth or the campus housing office, though their lists are often out of date. You can live in True Blue and this tends to be expensive for what you are getting. The advantage is being within walking distance of campus. The advantage to living in Grand Anse is being in walking distance to every store you could need. Next to Grand Anse is Mont Toute, also a thriving area with several shops. Lance Aux Epines is the Manhattan of Grenada with its paved roads and beautiful homes. Housing can be expensive here, but not as expensive as campus and you get what you pay for.


One Response to Where to Live

  1. Sid Schwab says:

    My med school apartment, which I shared with two other guys, was my refuge. We got into cooking, managed to wangle our favorite recipes from moms, aunts, grandmothers, and settled in. We didn’t have the option of campus housing. If you can find/afford/be confident in an apartment somewhere, that’d be my vote.

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