Dear Fantastic Four

There are four people that have admitted to me that they read this thing, and I need their help. Thanks to some accidental work with the school’s Orientation office in New York, I have the bent ear of the people that stock our bookstore. I mentioned to them that I wanted to buy some clothing that showed off SGUSOM back home but I didn’t like what was available. So they called me out on it.

“You don’t like it, well what should we have instead?” So I have suggestions of my own. But that’s just going to fill the place with things that I like. So if you have an opinion, please post a comment and I’ll make sure that it finds its way to some of the higher-up mucky-mucks.

Also, I’d love some t-shirt ideas. Here’s the dumb stuff so far:
“Welcome to the Rock”
“Eat at patels”
“It’s GrenEHda not GrenAHda”
“I (heart) GND”
“I (nutmeg) GND”

I also want to suggest shirts and hats like these:

4 Responses to Dear Fantastic Four

  1. Anonymous says:

    i am totally with you. most of the stuff in the campus store sucks ass. what’s even sadder is that they have a catalog of which they can order school souvenir stuff that actually has some cute gear. they just always choose the lamest stuff.
    see if you can get a copy of the catalog or of another catalog that sells university gear and suggest what they should order from them

  2. Anonymous says:

    catalogue sounds good…
    too bad the stuff won’t arrive in time for my personal purchase (of course unless i see the catalogue of what’s available)? often times it’s the actual design that is half if not more of the glory the clothing brings… anyhow, I think these phrases on the shirt I’d love

    “FACT: vitD enhances intelligence”
    the weather is always sunny here, i think tha’s a better feature than the patel’s even though it’s funny….

    “no more uphill battles, for life”
    I love hiking (for some it’s driving) up the hill for classes every day but nice symbolic meaning

    “Got beach!!??”
    need i say more????

    “Tanned heads think faster”

    for the sports-oriented
    “Rruggae bus, Rugged field”
    (the one we play football, soccer(aka football), frisby, baseball (some of us) on, nice green!!!

    “Hockey night in grenada”

  3. Anonymous says:

    I like the suggestions b ut we can really wear those during clinicals or at hospitals. How about some collar shirts / hats / something with the school shield or other design with a simple “SGU School of Medicine” on top and “Defining international care” on bottom. Not original but the book store told me they were not ordering SOM specific items any more.

  4. Craven says:

    SGU fishnet condoms…?

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