Lost Bruises and Masks

Sheirn has a bruise. It’s on her knee. No no, you have to look at it. I’m giving you this update because I get this update, every day, look at the bruise. I have no way to explain the general fascination that women have with their bruises or their need to turn each one into its own story, though I can say that EVERY SINGLE ONE of them has at one point asked me to look at their proud bruise.

I just finished the first season of LOST on DVD. I am now one of those annoying people that tries to push a favorite show on everyone else. GO WATCH LOST!

My bike is still out of commission. The only person in Grenada that knows how to change a rear tire works in the capital. Can’t exactly get a busted bike to the capital, so in the meantime I’ve been filling it up with air and riding the leak. This ended upbruptly when the innertube popped out at the gas station and I had to have a Reggae bus crew help me force it back in with a pen and a wrench. It’s times like those that help me justify paying that guy in the capital to take a trip out to Lance Aux Epines.

Halloween at the apartment was a big deal. We all took the Immuno final that morning and had afternoon off to go to the beach. Barring the ten minutes I get every day walking back and forth from the library, I haven’t gotten any sun or taken a day off in weeks. I’d be tanner if I was in STL. I had to laugh when we got to Grand Anse and a three hour rainfall began. Goodtimes. Time to make costumes. Kelly and Winston had traveled around the island pillaging dumpsters for cardboard the week before. Most of us had our ideas in cement for at least that long. Onto the pictures.

Halloween in Grenada

Kelly is the one dressed as cutlery, Winston is the one dressed as a carnival attraction, Sam is out of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, I’m eating spinach, Sherin went surfing too close to the reef and Lauren (Sam’s girlfriend) went as Ms. Patel, the Punjabi lady that has served me Indian Food everyday for almost a year. When we entered the party we owned the room. Good Halloween.

If we had gone trick-or-treating, this would have been my joke:
What do you call a car parked in the middle of the road? A Grenadian traffic jam.

You think I’m joking? This morning on the way to campus, there was a two-car traffic jam. One car was off and it’s driver was sitting outside while another driver pulled up beside him and started some business transaction. I had no idea what was going on until the paused driver continued past us with a drink and a smile. Sure enough out of this jerk’s trunk was a cooler and a sign: Lemonade 5EC. Ladies and gentlemen: the grendian lemonade stand.

The new staggered exam system means that Immuno finished on Monday, Parasit began on Tuesday and has its final in two weeks. The week after is Neuro, the week after is Physio. Two days later is the Basic Sciences Competency Exam, an in-house test determining how much of the first year I have retained and determines the class rank on my transcript. I am not a fan of this system as it encourages cramming. It also means I’m stuck in the library from now till Dec 11th. Not a lot of time to come up with funny stories. Oh well.

Almost a year, almost a year. topher.

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