Post Midterm Post

Founder’s Library SGU

So I disappeared. Every day for the last 10 days has played out the same: awake and out of bed by 6:00, library and redbull on an empty stomach by 7:00, sitting in the same study room till midnight with a break for lunch and a break for dinner. Aderrall rationing into fourths and eigths of pills; people slowly moving their desks at home onto their desks in the library doing everything short of marking their space with urine; the low volume hum of too much information in too little heads; Dry Erase markers everywhere. Exam week is awesome.

And there was plenty going on in the background. At SGU there are three student factions: the Meds, the Vets, and the undergrads. The vets and Meds don’t mix geographically. They have their buildings and their horses, we have ours. The undergrads however compete for the same resources as we. Sometimes Darwin rears his head. Well, mostly it’s Freud.

The library has a limited number of study rooms with dry erase boards. Its 12, actually, and I know the room number for every one. They are a hot commodity and you must arrive early to secure them. Then you have to make it look like you have a study GROUP in there so you bring as many items as you can in your backpack and spread them out over every surface so no one will invade. The arrangment always looks hopelessly fake but must continue for appearence’s sake.

Now the buses don’t start running until 7am, so if you arrive before then you’ve got a good shot but the undergrads take the reggae buses in around 6am. Now they have class from 7-9, so that means that they are setting up shop and then walking away. The library has a policy against this: no squatting. So, if you show up and a room looks occupied but is without occupants you are completely within your rights to put their things in the hall and take over. In practice, this isn’t done. Everyone has been there: left there stuff to go to lunch, walked down to D-Store for some coffee, taken a smoke break. And everyone seems to respect the karma of I’ll leave yours if you leave mine.

Well not me, and not now.

If it looks like someone has left their things from the night before: in the hall. Undergrad has left for classes: in the hall. For lunch, for dinner, for anything: in the hall. I am very popular with the undergrads. Sherin has called me “heartless”.

Sure, there was turblence in the beginning. “Go complain to security” would roll off of my tongue. It became a mini movement as more and more Physio’s and Neuro’s were placing Physics and Bio’s outside. There were rules emerging as well. Bio’s did not attack Bio or Physio’s Physio. Everyone cow-tipped. A War of the Signs emerged proclaiming “Occupied DO NOT DISTURB”, “2 people inside on 10/02”, “Don’t even knock”. These were the rooms I targeted first, were the most satisfying. Eventually the field mellowed as people gave up the idea of squatting without presence and realized that everyone looks inside of an “Occupied!” room and leaves the “Join us if you’re quiet”s alone. It also could have been because exams were ending.

Anyway everyone learned a valuable lesson.

Another undercurrent was the theft of Kelly. In the beginning there was Terrel and his car: Yosemite Sam. No one else had wheels, so we all travelled with Terrel and were always together. Sam struck off on his own days later with his girlfriend Lauren. And then there were three. I followed suit with a moped and Sherin, proving once and for all that girls dig motorcycles. Kelly stayed true to Terrell by travelling, studying and eating never a few feet away. Then came Analisa; Kelly started to drift. The final blow came during exam week when I needed Kelly’s help to secure study rooms; a sort of rotating watch as one of us would eat while the other kept house. Now Terrel was alone. Kelly starting eating with me, studying with me, and taking the bus. Yosemite Sam alone remained. Exams are over, I’m helping Sherin with biochem, and Kelly has returned to a broken home. There is a lot of healing ahead.

Kelly is a boy. Probably wasn’t too clear from the story.

As for midterms, I did very well. Mom, I’ll send you an email in a little while with details. I promise. The email write-in contest is over with Nicol Averbuch the winner. I’m very happy with the responses. For those of you that had spouses write in, I’ve decided to count you both as a single person. Uncles, thank my aunts.

new favorite word: holosystolic

Thanks for reading everyone, and happy birthday Kimberly.


3 Responses to Post Midterm Post

  1. zesh says:

    Hey does Aderall work? If so how do you get it? and you said that you used to divided it into Fourths and Eighths of pills? Thanks for the help…

  2. jody says:

    I was wondering about the same thing as zesh had mention? Care to give us an explaination? Just to kill our curiosity…

  3. apotential says:

    Alright, I know I’m 2 years late, but I appreciate good writing too much to let the only 2 comments on this post be about the speed.

    I love study turf wars. Great post.

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