Into the Fray

Well, I’m pretty happy so far. Of the 50+ people on the old mailing list, 20+ have responded. This is the twentieth email I have written to the group so I figure I have broken even. Unbeknownst to you there has been a silent competition here: the most interesting/funniest response from the group wins a prize. Nikol is in the lead with her email threatening my life. Good showing, Nikol.

Oh, and you should all feel that your time spent writing back to me was worth it. NOT ONE of the people that failed to respond is getting this email. They will instead receive the following message:

“Thank you for reading about my adventures over the past few months. If you would like to continue receiving updates, please follow the instructions in the last email you received from me detailing your obligation to tell me a bit about your life. My most recent missive was on Sept. 17th, and I will be happy to forward it to you once I have received your submission. Thank you, and have a great day! topher.”

Just to clear up some things from the last email, Sherin (share-een, not sharon) is Persian like I am Irish: not really. So to those who asked if she wears covering and has to be subservient (hilarious by the way) the answer is yes. Of course I could just be full of blarney. I am learning new things from her every day. For instance, I was shocked when she told me that “farcy” is a real language. I always thought it was a pun for gibberish. I think we’re both a little right.

Coconut bras and grass skirts luauMy roommates Terrell and Kelly have been better about their classes than I, and so as a treat went to the Luau party. This was after an afternoon spent in Island Arts and Crafts. They grabbed coconuts from the beach and ripped up palm fronds to make bras and grass skirts. The highlight was watching Kelly pitch his coconut into the air and the frothy explosion of curdled milk that followed, covering our parking lot. It was hands down the worst smell of my time in Grenada, a mixture of pus and hell-vomit. It was the type of smell that penetrates things. Shudder.

This weekend marks the end of the first month that my roommates and I have been on the Navy Seals workout. I made sure that my “before” picture had me frowning, slouched, and pasty white in poor lighting so that my “after” picture would be more dramatic. The only dramatic thing in the picture is how dirty our walls got in a month without a maid.

Before she left this weekend for Barbados, Sherin asked me to take her out on the moped. Of course it was a disaster. The moped groaned under the extra weight (she’s a big girl) so I had to get used to staying in each gear longer than I like. The moped, instead of having both up- and down-shifting handled by a toe peddle, splits the job of shifting between a toe and heel peddle. I could not reach the heel peddle easily with Sherin’s leg under mine, so my shifting was typically graceful. All in all, the trip was lurch-tastic.

The paragraph about school: midterms start on the 26th with Immunology. We’ve had 15 hours of lecture for immuno. I am 15 lectures behind. I am 4 lectures behind in Neuro and 3 behind in Physio. For those keeping score, those 22 hours of instruction that I have to complete in the coming week are ON TOP OF the 14 hours of new instruction. That’s 5 hours of lecture a day without taking into account that I need about 3 study hours for every lecture hour to take full notes and memorize the material. Watch as I descend into the seventh circle of Red Bull.

So this will probably be the last email I write until a half hour before my midterm. I’ll talk to you then, topher.

1) Farcy is the language spoken by Persians. It’s a real language. Not a joke at all.
2) Blarney is something relating to my Irish heritage. Honestly, I was just faking it with this one.
3) In Dante’s Inferno, he details the seven circles of Hell, with the seventh being reserved for those worst sinners.
4) Red Bull is a drink that they serve on the seventh level.

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