Scars will heal

Well I’ll begin by saying that I haven’t wrecked the bike; the bike has not been kind in turn. My helmet still does not fit my head. I have to tuck my ears in to put it on and even then I have this whole “snowman” look about me. The snap on visor likes to snap off in traffic. The exhaust pipe has burned a circle into my calf, branding me an idiot. Two people on campus have come up to me to show off their own calf scars. So there is a club of idiots. I have to take my helmet everywhere, and it has begun to double as a purse. A very manly purse.

We’ve lost electricity in our apartment a few times with the last episode almost 48 hours long save for a five hour intermission of light. I had to drink all the beer in the fridge and eat all the chips in a hurry before they melted. I found this funnier than my roomates. None of them has a flashlight, so while I walk around with my headlamp Kelly is navigating by the flash of his camera, Sam is using his cell phone, and Winston is stalking us in the dark pretending to be a ninja.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, but we have a few mosquitos in our place. Not very smart, the mosquito. Our fans are on constantly, and one day I left for school and forgot to turn mine off. I came home to a pile of mangled legs and wings at the base of my desk, testament to the event horizon that is five inces behind the fan. I haven’t turned it off since. I’m not going to lie to you: it makes me feel smart.

I feel obliged to have one paragraph devoted to my classes since some readers wonder if I even go to school down here. Physiology is incredibly interesting and has yielded more information so far that I feel I can use clinically. I understand why the heart wooshes and warbles in different ways when things go wrong in different places. I’ve learned that the kidneys are the brains behind the circulatory system, that the heart is a dumb pump, and lessons should always come in threes. Neurology is giving me hysterical blindness, a condition I should be able to explain soon enough. The upside is that I can now explain why I still feel like the room is spinning once I’ve actually stopped running in a circle pulling out my hair.

Well, it wouldn’t be honest to wrap things up without including Sherin. I met a beautiful girl at the beginning of this term through a mutual friend who at the time was trying to set her up with my roomate. Things didn’t pan out for the roomate. I’ll be honest: I’m a little smitten. She matches me sarcastic comment for comment so it goes without saying that we talk for hours. She’s persian. “Persian” is a fancy way of saying you’re from Iran. Flying with this girl is going to be an experiece.

Alright, so this last part is ransom to everyone that has been on this mailing list a while. When I went home this last break I felt myself in a bit of information debt. You know more about my life than I know about yours. So here’s the deal: I want AT LEAST two paragraphs from every one of you letting me know what is going on in your life, how is your work, how is your dog. I don’t care what you write, just write something. As I receive your responses, I will add your name to the mailing list once more. Deal? Good.

You have no idea how much I am looking forward to this, topher.

P.S. A paragraph consists of no fewer than three full sentences. “It’s fun.”, while grammatically complete, will not be counted towards the total of three sentences. If this were for a grade, try to get a B.

Event Horizon: that border between the distances where escape from the gravitational pull of a black hole becomes and ceases to become possible, even for light.

One Response to Scars will heal

  1. ASEEM DEWAN says:

    I AM A DIRT-SHOVELLER (doctor in our part of the world) AT THE all india institute of medical sciences (aiims) – IN NEW DELHI. 10 YEARS SINCE I GOT OUT OF MEDSCHOOL, AND STILL FIGURING OUT WHERE TO FINALLY PARK MY IF – IF U KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

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