Been a while

So I’m getting complaints that I haven’t written anything funny in a while. Sorry. Midterms are the week after easter and I’ve been studying for them since my unified quiz a few weeks ago. My Anatomy final (last one) is on Monday the something.

I’ll take a sanity break sometime this week for an hour and try to write.

I have done a poor job of responding to personal emails from everyone. So this week I’ll make this promise: if you write something to me, I will personally respond.

Actual overheard exchange:

Guy #1) I am so burnt out from studying.
Guy #2) (immediately) You should drink, a lot.
Guy #1) I can’t. I’m too far behind.
Guy #2) (immediately) Got to. How do you put out a fire? Liquid. So do the same to your brain. You’re burnt out? Alcohol. Stop that fire.
Guy #1) (thoughtful pause) Screw it, let’s go.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the future doctors of America.


One Response to Been a while

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