Election Results

Here’s what new.

I was elected to student government along with ten other first-termers. No other class has that many representatives. Here’s what we did:

Three days after we became reps, we joined the reps from each term to vote on chairs and co-chairs of various committees. We snooped around a little and discovered that first-termers rarely get the good posts. So screw that. A half hour before the general meeting, all 11 of us got together and figured out which post each of us wanted. We designated certain members to nominate others. We also decided to nominate members of other terms to compete with our hopefulls to crowd the field. We then voted as a block to win largest minority vote and the chair. People were freaking out. By the time the general assembly figured us out, they weren’t organized enough to stop it. Politics, it’s FANNNNNTASTIC. I would like to give props to The West Wing.

I’m chair of the Orientation Committee, and we also control Student Resources, Disciplinary Panel, Campus Housing, and Food/Sanitation. The current leadership is very nervous.

We have a unified quiz on Monday. It’s an hour long quiz containg questions from all five courses designed to let us know that we know nothing. People are studying for it like it’s a final. Very funny. What am I doing? Studying like it’s a final, but at least I recognize that I am ridiculous for it.

I found out that the name for the pinky finger is “minimi”, for the middle finger it’s “vulgaris”, and that a fetus breathes its own pee for five months. There is a taint bone and it is called the pubic symphysis. My medical dictionary under pronounciation guidlines says “‘a’ as in ‘abortion'”. I can spell and pronounce syncytiotrophoblasts. If you want an American-style haircut, you can go to two people: Hot Boyz or Mr. Bubbles. I chose Mr. Bubbles. Yes, I asked him. Passport says Jean Bubbles, go figure.

I noticed for the first time that Grenada has no stop signs, no speed bumps, and no street lights. Instead they have roundabouts, pot holes, and accidents.

I like medical school.

P.S. When I was nominated for Orientation, they wrote my name on the board: Tolbert. People are calling me Tolbert, giggling.

Cheers, Tolbert.

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