Classes in Swing

Warning: if you are squeamish or Anna, don’t read this paragraph. So I am the only boy in my Anatomy dissection group, and it is infuriating. Should we cut that? It looks like it could be muscle. Can we ask the TA? What if it’s muscle?! I think we should wait. Are you sure that’s the trapezius? Is that the right direction? GIVE ME THE DAMN SCALPEL!

Anna, this is to make up fo that last paragraph. So I’ve met this girl Nana from Ghana (don’t laugh, everyone is called Nana in Ghana). I told her all of the stories that I could remember you telling me (mimicing mannerisms and all), she laughed a lot, and I have parlayed it into a friendship with her. Jealous? She’s great, absolutely statuesque, and is already being affected by the “thin model” image that all the American girls on the island have. Oh by the way, the girls here look like models. Jealous?

So I’m studying every day for about seven hours. It isn’t that the material is too hard, just that you only get that one day to learn it, so every day feels like studying for a test. I am not yet working as hard as the all the graduate students back home, but I’m told it gets worse. I absolutely love Anatomy and go into the lab to work by myself for hours just cleaning things up. Then when lab proper rolls around, there is little left to do and I can study while the girls in my group second guess their third guesses. Incidently, I am told that I am overstudying and overworking most of the material.

My hands are falling apart. It is quite depressing. I try to squeeze my pencil really hard to preserve the callouses, but alas. I’ve tried to give the beach an hour every other day, and am know a third degree brown belt (difference between brown and blinding white at belt). Kudos, by the way, to everyone who admitted not getting the YMOTANA joke, all ten of you.

Some of you asked about my teachers and why I thought they were so great. One of them was a Noble Prize nominee in Biology a few years back. Another, Dr. TVN Persaud wrote an Embryology book that is used by 60% of US med students, is in its fourth edition and translated into 13 languages. He also wrote six other medical texts for Indian Med students and is treated as a celebrity there (people routinely have him sign their books and have their pictures taken with him). The entire Anatomy faculty sits for every Anatomist’s lecture so that they can get better as a group. And almost all of them are British, just making it more fun to listen to them.

Favorite word so far: toss up between descending branch of transverse cervical artery and DiPhosphotidylglycerol. Still working on the pictures.

All is well, topher.

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