Some clarifications.

The green flash happens at the equator when the sun sets. You’ll never see it if you are too north or south. They do have cups in Grenada, but juice is sometimes poured into bags and then twisted off at the top. You then take a straw (cut in half at an angle) and stab into the bag to drink. Pretty sure Capri copied this idea.

YMOTANA is a joke. My ANATOMY book left its print on my desk because it is so hot here (my brother didn’t get it).

Update on ICSA: I joined and ran for a position on this platform: I want to have many brown babies. I didn’t win, but made some friends who think I’m silly now. Joke’s on them though. All of my white friends are forming the splinter group WICSA for Windians and then staging a coup. Give us about two terms.

All for now, topher.

One Response to Addendum

  1. jeff says:

    The green flash is certainly rare, but it is *not* an equatorial phenomena – it can be observed anywhere on the globe when conditions are right. In fact, one of the most famous observations of a green flash (actually a series of them) is from the notes of Admiral Byrd on his expedition to the north pole.

    Andrew Young from the Griffith Observatory is pretty much the world authority on green flashes, and has an excellent page if you are interested in learning more –

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