Hello from Grenada

I don’t know how to describe Grenada (grenEHda not grenAHda). I live on the beach, have my slackline set up, and every day I eat homemade Indian food and drink mango juice from a plastic sandwich bag. It’s beautiful here. I am in class all day during the week, getting out just in time for sunset. We’re so close to the equator that you can see the green flash. I have been on a black-sand beach (didn’t know those existed). All the beer is made on the island, everyone stuffs themself five across into bus benches that would fit three Americans. It’s so hot all the time and people have sunscreen in hip holsters. You never see anyone’s eyes until night, everybody in sunglasses. All the students are so busy that we don’t have time to eat always, and a few minutes after we do sit for a meal, we’re hungry again. Instead, everyone just deals with feeling hungry all the time. It’s amazing how much food is always around back home, even when you’re out. If you leave your book on a desk for too long, you have to peel it off. My desk says YMOTANA. Everyone brought towels and no one uses them. THREE MINUTES after you get out of the ocean, you can’t tell that you went into it. The entire campus is wireless and people have their laptops open in class taking notes or IMing each other. I have never had teachers this good. They are charming, dry (read British), and intelligent in a way that just dwarfs my previous instructors.

All of the buildings are painted like Easter eggs. Birds routinely fly from horizon to horizon without flapping their wings. There is always a breeze. Store owners ask your name the second time they see you and remember it everytime after that. We have a lot of climbers, Ghanans, Nigerians, Russians, Canadians, Trinidad people?, and Indians. Oh wow the Indians! They outnumber everyone else. My friends are making me join ICSA (Indian Culture Student Association) once I get tan enough.

I am one of 350 students in my class. With some luck, I could get into student government. “Topher” is a popular name here. “Tightrope guy” also works well. And yes, I have an insufferable accent now. I expect no one from home will want to talk to me again.

burning because he is an idiot, topher.

P.S. The mosquitos are lazy here. You can almost pet them.

2 Responses to Hello from Grenada

  1. i dunno if you write anymore, but starting today, i’m a follower!

  2. sucheta says:

    sorry, the name came out wrong in the previous comment!

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